Cheap Players For League One


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Can anybody tell me any good players who I could buy for a cheap transfer, im Chesterfield and i dont have much money at all and i cant seem to find any players good enough within my budget of 200K.

Thanx for any help!

The Kop Kid

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Freddy Adu. Free at the start. He joined my Plymouth side when we were faves for relegation the first season, so he'll probably play for Chesterfield too. 191 potential and very well known.

Frank De Boer. Only any good for about a year, but again, free.

Richard Witschge (spelling?) Same deal as De Boer. Free and good for twelve months useage.

Paul Wotton. A solid centre back for the two years I've had him at Plymouth in the Championship and makes lots of tackles. Aprox 60K I think, though I don't rightly remember as he was already at the club.

None of these guys (possibly other than Adu) are going to be superstars, but they have all had solid ratings for me in the Division above that which you are playing in, so they should perform o.k.

The Kop Kid

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Can't remember the rest of his name. Enzo or something. Uraguayan with an italian passport. 16 years old; 2000 quid; worth 1.7 million at the end of his first season and scored 18 goals in 22 starts for a crappy Torquay side.