CHELSEA FC Thread [2005-2006]

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Help? said:
If Manchester United and Arsenal don't do anything about it, then i see a perfect New Year's gift of 50 games to Chelsea fans.

i thought someone said man city will beat them :brow:


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There are only a few good things to come out of Holland.

Winston Bograde :rockman:
Guus Hiddink (Australias national manager, what a legend, how did we get him? how? only Mourinho could top that :rockman: )


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Ronniefan....listen man,we are all opinionated one way or another right?I'm not slagging off Holland....i'm not slagging off anything.My opinion about Cruyff is as valid as your opinion about him.He is a golf playing loudmouth has-been.Thats the truth...its also not a nice thing to say about someone,but it is the truth.Is he your dad or something?
Truely if you think Chelsea are boring,then you do not watch them enough.Like most teams we got off to a slow start this season,but still we are unbeaten with the most goals in the EPL AND the least goals conceeded.Now we are starting to rock and are getting into our stride.Maybe you like " pretty football".So do I,but i also like my team to win.Maybe your team dont win much anymore so you settle for second best.As someone else said,playing pretty football and losing all the time,just cannot be very fulfilling can it?Playing 4-3-3 is all well and good,but what does it get you?...Nothing thats what.A good coach and a good team play a variety of systems depending on who the opposition are.If a coach only plays 4-3-3 all the time then he aint much of a coach is he.
By the way....when i'm not serious about the things i write,i will tell you OK.Until then i mean every word.
And this IS the Chelsea thread,i am entitled to say what the hell i please in are a welcome guest in here, but lets have some good manners OK?....... :ewan:


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Chelsea haven't been in the papers recently so I could understand all these stupid arguments.

I love the Netherlands......good fish, clean streets, nice windmills, good McDonald's with good fish, talented footabllers, nice canals, nice bicycles, nice people, nice flowers, and uhm a nice national color of Oranje.


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pede54 said:
I've just heard that the FA wanted to upgrade Essien's Yellow card to a red,but FIFA has just ruled that they cannot do that.So the yellow stands.Seems like the FA got a rollocking from fifa when they adjusted the booking against Jenas.

Rooney got banned for clapping his hands, while Essien gets a yellow for a tackle like that. Now that FA wants to do something right for a change, FIFA won't let them...disgrace.


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Rooney got a yellow for clapping his hands actually.His second yellow of the game =sent off = Ban.

But i agree its a stupid situation.It would have been fairer if the ref didnt book Essien at all, then post match, the ref could have watched the incident on video and given him a red and the FA could have decided on a ban.Then again,have FIFA ever made a sensible decision on anything.


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Im glad you guys got things settled without getting out of hand: fair play. I just cant believe Arash didnt say something about getting called Ronniefan (H)

The essien tackle should have been punished. From what little I have seen of it, it was a disgusting challenge, Keane on Haalandesque in its recklessness, and his playacting on the ground and then gesturing for a card to pull, well, that is just unacceptable behavior. Chelsea have a reputation for showing total class on the pitch since the likes of Wise and Morris left, and I would be sad to see that lost.

If you ask me, since FIFA have said no (if it was UEFA no doubt they would be ban him as a detriment to the game) then the club should make it known to Essien that his actions were unacceptable. Bench him Carvalho style and make sure that that instinct is beat out of him for good in the meantime. This kid will be in our midfield for a long time and i'll be damned if he acts like that again.

Anyway, on that note, the betis game is kicking off in about an hour. Hope to see Eidur in midfield to act as that connector between the midfield and forwards like he did so expertly vs Bolton. In any event, I hope to see him and Crespo get solid minutes for this one. Hoping Paulo gets a shout at RB too, or maybe even Geremi.


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We are a machine, we look like we were in 2nd gear.

Essien tonight has been superb, he looks so good on and off the ball and his passing ... damn!


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My god, I cant believe i called for Essien to be benched as a lesson :| You may all accost me as you see fit

Ive already seen a couple of people give him 10s for match ratings. To think this guy is only 22 is absolutely scary. Some were claiming his was one of the best individual performances they had ever seen by a blue.

On top of that, Carlo started (Y) Crespo & Drogba tallied (Y) and Joe and Riccy Carvalho tallied (Y) which should quell the media with one hands on their cocks and the other on their keyboards writing about how they are the first sign that Chelsea's dressing room is coming apart. Nice try, bitches :hump:

Anyway, if we play like this, we will dominate liverpool at the Bridge. Goddamn rob, machine is right. The goals looked absolutely unstoppable. Betis players seemed like bystanders :|

What the f*ck more could you ask for? Seriously. This is as good as it gets.


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All the goals were good except for the Carvalho's, which was pure luck in the way that the keeper failed to hold on. Essien had a good performance and he is scary.


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This team is becoming scary, seriously. I feel that no one can handle them at the time. For the good of comptetion i really hope they become human otherwise it'll get ridiculos.
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