Chelsea's Striker Problem

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Hey, I was just reading on about Drogba not being happy at Chelsea and how he doesn’t enjoy himself on the pitch and the possibility of him re-joining Marseille in the summer. I find that its becoming a bit of a problem at Chelsea lately over the past Year they have signed 4 strikers all with good scoring states: Mutu, Crespo, Drogba and Kezman.

Mutu £16 Million

Crespo £16 Million

Drogba £24 Million

Kezman £5 Million

£61 Million pounds on strikers that just have not produced the goods.

I just find it quite surprising that with all the money they have they have yet to find the right striker. With the formation they use they need a quick lethal goal scorer, but someone who is experienced and a professional like Andriy Shevchenko or Michael Owen. I also don’t think Adriano would adapt well to the English game or their formation.

What do you guys reckon?


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I've said the whole time the best striker they have is Eidur Gudjohnsen.

They'll just recall Cole, and keep Forsell.


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I think that next season Drogba will be an excellent striker for them. Afterall this is his frist year in EPL and he has had some bad luck with injuries but i think he will be much improved next season.

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Drogba with Gudjohensen and Crespo. But they should probably make an attempt at someone else. Adriano could adjust..he is big and powerful so I think he would be able to keep up with the EPL but I' m not so sure Inter are goina sell him unless the offer is ridiculously high.


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They should let Kezman play in the reserves, maybe that could improve him.

Drogba, I reckon, will not improve next year. Practically the whole team is a new one and they all adjusted in one season.

I think Chelski are going to splash out on a new striker in the summer and sell Kezman.


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No way.

Firstly, Osgood > Hasselbaink

Secondly, Jimmy Floyd, as good as he was in tempormental, selfish and would hate anything but starting, its never his fault and he is a poor passer and poor in the air. Not the kind of player Mourinho would want in this team.


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henry#14 said:
Not Exactly. You could make the argument that JFH is better than all current strikers, dubiously, but never all former. Hell, Zola only left 2 years ago. But then again, Chelsea have no history :)

In my opinion, this is how the situation will go down. If a fee cannot be agreed with Milan, which I believe is doubtful, he has apparrently mended the bridges back to the club, and will return. This is really what Id like to see in terms of bringing someone "new" in.

Anyway, Guddy has been the best striker this year, no doubt, but his new found role as a CAM or thereabouts can make it feasable for Forssell to keep a spot on the team and Crespo to return without sacrificing a place. That said, I think Kezman is sadly gone, without even much of a chance to prove himself. However, as costs go, this one could have been worse. Im almost totally sure Drogba will be staying on, and will come to justify maybe half of his joke of a price tag. So if Kezza wants to leave, ill be happy with


for the forward options. Assuming Crespo doesnt come back, and Kezman does leave, well then I guess its time to get the checkbook (chequebook) out. But Id rather not see Adriano for his price tag. If it had to be someone, then Fernando Torres would do nicely. And Eto'o? :rofl: Well, only a :fool: would believe that one

Its a shame about Mutu's love for nose candy, though. I really wanted him to succeed so badly at Chelsea


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Well,I think Drogba is a strong guy,but weak inside...

In my opinion,he enjoy playing in a great club such as Chelsea...but he didn't do his best,maybe because he is the only choice for the striker position this season :kader:

As for Eto'o?I don't think we need him...besides,he hate Jose...

Torres would be good :rockman:

PS:I also want Figo to come :ewan:

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I dont think that Chelski could have a better forward than Drogba. He fits perfectly into their Kick & Rush. He's powerful and hes a good header. They should sell Crespo, Mutu and Kezman. Gudjohnson and Forsell should stay. I also think that buying Adriano would be useless. RvN or Adebayor would be a good match.

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Chelski should buy all the top scorers from all the top leagues & keep the best.......after all they CAN do it (H) :jap:


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Adriano wont fit Chelsea's system? :|

Adriano is PERFECT for Chelsea's system. But Chelsea wont get him anyway..

Crespo will return to Chelsea and rock, thats my bold prediction. :D


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Gudjohensen is a good forward,he is strong as second forward.
but in 451 formation, not international star .

Crespo, i hope he could stay in milan.
Eoto is a good choice ,but he is not very strong ,is fast player.


keep drogba, buy adriano, f*** everythin' else and you'll have a heeeellll of a duo in the front next season...(keep eidur too..:p)

why am i giving tips to chelski anyway??.... give us drogba, lampard, carvalho and robben, now!



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TheBlueBalla said:
Not Its a shame about Mutu's love for nose candy, though. I really wanted him to succeed so badly at Chelsea

Hey, there's no mandatory rule that you have to cut someone for doing coke. In fact as long as he wasn't doing it DURING the game, or staying up until 7 am the night before a game, I can very easily argue that he is unaffected at all. Mutu should not have lost his job for doing some coke, I feel very strongly about this.

There's no striker problem at Chelsea. Gudjohnson and Drogba can handle the role, and someone like Forsell can back them up.


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I think the fact we have so many goal scorers is an advantage. Ever since Manchester United bought RVN they have become some what, predictable as alot of their goals and their play focuses around him.

We have Lampard putting 19 in the back of the net, Terry is dangerous on set pieces and Drogba, Eidur are deadly, esp. Eidur dropping back and bringing Robben and Duff into the play.

However being champions and having a 'striker' problem that we have is a problem almost every team on the planet would want to have.