Christian Eriksen - Tribute of Respect


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So, yesterday the unthinkable happened in the EK game between Denmark and Finland for all who were watching and following the Euro's 2020 up to this point.

Note: I will not show any video's or images of what happened, and would also appreciate it if none were shown either, as the material is shocking.

In short, on minute 43, 2 minutes before half-time, Danish Star Player Christian Eriksen collapsed and lost his pulse. Thanks to the quick reactions of the danish captain and referee who saw that this required medical attention A.S.A.P they have been able to save eriksen, although that Eriksen was officially dead for too long.

Even though that this forum focuses mainly on the Games Fifa, it is only normal to also pay respect to a player that is in the games itself, and a known player IRL.

My thoughts are with the family of eriksen, his wife and kids, and all his friends. I hope that the recorded material from FIFA itself is quickly deleted as the scenes were horrendous and not understanable.

As for Eriksen himself, he is awake and can talk but this is very likely a unexpected end to his carrier. May he recover Quickly though.