Church Shoes II


Starting XI
hemiunu;3426649 said:
i hope you're still making boots from photos, i'm starting to feel like the only dynosaur left. and your secret is safe here, this thread doesn't have that many views (Y)

nike X hemiunu elastico 2 :innocent_smile_1:



Reserve Team
Tap on the head and shut up moron!...Hemiunu and Alex are two different styles in the creation of shoes. You learn to make shoes...Hemiunu is in a class by itself, Alex too! :facepalm::clap:


Youth Team
paul305;3434183 said:
learn something from alex10 and then come back and try make good shoes

Wow - only his SECOND post and he is already making a fool out of himself!

That must be some kind of record...


Senior Squad
zico99;3434314 said:
This is the biggest problem of this forum. Noobs and newcomers destroys everything.
I agree,
At least they need to give some respect to heminu. At least think before you comment. Everyone have their own style. If you don't like don't use it. Their comments doesn't help boot makers to improve their works.


Youth Team
dIk-ThePrince;3434881 said:
can i know how you guys import the texture into game?... what software you guys using? can someone show me how?


FileManager12 works perfectly with Fifa 13