CL Group A: Chelsea FC vs. FC Barcelona [P+R]


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Jaouadinho said:
I hope its a game at will be at a really fast pace and with a lot of flying, hard and crunshing tackles made by chelsea, making barca really tried and weary that they will not be able to stand up after 90 minutes.
Haha I get you :p

If Chelsea uses the wings they will be surely able to damage Barça. A great news for you Chelsea fans that Robben is playing (Y)


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Don't seem to be able to get myself up for this game. I don't think the game is so crucial to either team that the tensions, that have been evident in past matches, will be there. I think it should be a competitive game and hopefully played with a good spirit.

I'd just like to see a game after only which, the media can only comment about the football and nothing else. Now that would really piss the newspapers off.

There's gonna be a big welcome for Eidur before the game tonight. A Chelsea legend. Word.


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As a neutral I can careless who wins. But the interesting thing about barc vs ches is that they have to play each other twice. This means that Bremen has a chance to gain 6pts on them if they can beat Levski.

The chelsea barc matches almost always guarntees a red card. hehe


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I think chelsea will win this. the lack of eto'o will be much more obvious now against such a tight defense.


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:( Did not see Barca out there. I saw a bunch of kids waiting for something to just happen for them. They'd better get their act together on Sunday.