CL Last 16: Arsenal vs Bayern [P+R]


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yoyo913;3630391 said:
I disagree. It wasn't the best but the keeper did very well to punch it out. It was difficult to do and he got a bit lucky with the leap he took.

There's a lot of down the middle penalties like that.

Nah, it was a crap penalty. It wasn't even on the middle, and if you're gonna strike it there at least go for power. Neuer could have gone for coffee, fucked his girl and came back and still saved that penalty.

Ozil is in shit form for some time now. He needs to wake the fuck up.


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Fabiański is leaving the club this summer but gets more playing time than last season.


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Robben is a vile little fucker. He's worse than Rooney and Balotelli together yet gets away with it.


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We got away with one there, Kos caught him. Those endline refs are useless, what do they do other than cash a check?


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Oh well. Were supposed to lose by 5 with a full squad, played well with 10 men for an hour. Weren't going to win anyway.


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I think I cursed Oezil with the Dr. Oz moniker. Should he stop playing now and just become a medical assistant?


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Fantastic match by Kroos this evening, he's way better after Guardiola benched him for two matches. Hopefully he extends his contract but I think with matches like that Bayern officials are willed to raise his salary to keep him at Bayern. Would be my wish as a Bayern fan too, he is an important part of the team ;)
Regarding Özil I can only say that Özil already showed in his Bundesliga times that he is a player who is only good against weak opponents while he mostly shows nothing against big teams (at club stage and in the NT). Atm I really hope that he is benched at the WC, Kroos is a way better choice for his position..