CL Last 16: City vs Barça [P+R]

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
The referee was the same guy that got panned for not giving Barca penalties against Milan last year,so of course he gave them one today to make up for it. Also, all Swedes love Barcelona, so he was probably a Barca fan. City would have won this game if it was not for the referee.


Fan Favourite
Looked a couple centimetres out on replay, but impossible to see in real time. Also, Pique's goal was incorrectly called offside.


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By the time messi hit the ground he was next to the gk, calling a free kick would have been more controversial


Fan Favourite
On the pitch yeah, after replays, not. People see the replay rewinded a million times in slow-mo, and then blame the ref if it's not correct by a millimeter, especially when favoring Barca.


There was a handball by Clichy inside the box and a wrongly disallowed goal, we should have won 0-4.