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@riesscar has created great kits for Italian clubs that are not licensed in fifa 22, I am using those. You can download them from his thread.

If you are using my squad files, without editing them players should have all different ratings, like in the screenshots I shared. And squad files for different periods have different teams, you can go through all the pages in this topic to see the lists of teams for each squad file. PSG in not present in all the squad files.

The faces mod file is updated in the first post.
Thank you very much. It gets 90 when it try to get live stats but it is always enabled. When I disable it I get custom squads.


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Kovacevic reworked with hair added and Miodrag Belodedici:
FIFA 22 5_21_2022 3_06_23 PM.png
FIFA 22 5_21_2022 6_16_33 PM.png
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