CM 01/02 Player Thread


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thought we should start one... well, show me some discoveries besides Nikiforenko, Tsigalko and Kaluzny

check this guy out... starts at Polonia, cost a mere £1.2M :D


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oh bastard...... hmmm.. not sure.

Tell you what Rony, what do you think? you always want to be a mod, where do you think it should go?



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Lower League Gems

My Darlington side is full of 'em.

Obafemi Martins (Nigerian/aged 16/ Free)
Prolific scorer from the midfield.

Marek Szmid (English/Aged 19/ Free)
Solid wing-back

Bjarne Pilmark (Danish / Aged 28/ Free)
Solid holding midfielder. Consistent performer.

Chris Carruthers (English / Aged 16/ Northampton)
Cheap and a decent prospect. Versatile

Carl Laurie (English / Aged 19 / Hyde Utd)
Versatile defensive midfielder. Consistent and creative.

Mike Duff (English / Aged 24 / Chelternham)
Pacey wing-back

Alessio Bandeiri (Italian / Aged 28 / Savola)
Decent keeper

Svein Tore Branshaug (Norwegian / Aged 23 / Molde)
Consistent midfielder.

Byron Bubb (English / Aged 19 / Free)
Prolific attacking midfielder. Scores regularly.

Barry Conlon (Irish / Aged 23 / Darlington)
Prolific forward.

Michael Chopra (English / Aged 17 / Newcastle)
Wait a couple of season and this lad's contract will expire. He can't cut it in Newcastle's line-up so snap him on a free.


Sorry never noticed this thread, good idea though (Y)

I'll post some nice players later (H)

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Hello again chaps. Nice idea Rony. Here's a few.......

Angel Manuel Vivar Dorado

I play him as an MC. He's made 11 goals and 11 assists in 20 games.

Pablo Casar

DC. took a little while to get going and his stats don't look that great, but he has a rating of around 7.50 over two seasons for me and a tackling of 4.1 which is way better than the average tackling stat, at least for me.


I f*cking love this guy. He's a forward, but I train him as an AMC and play him in the hole behind the front two. Plays just as well as Nikiforenko in that position for me, after a year or two has passed. Free at the beginning.


Free at the beginning and if your going to play as a low league team he'll score just about as well as anyone your going to get to come to the club.

Andres D'Alessandro (spelling?) great midfielder. Lots of goals, Lots of assists.

Andrey Milevskiy. I've only tried him for two seasons, but my current opinion is that he's better than Kuludzny (cue a Rony and TROD fight!).

All of these players except for butra are performing well for me in the top flight in Spain with Racing Santander in my second season.



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Phil Jageika (Sheff Utd)

Had a loan spell with Darlington and played for my Swansea side. Great passer and scores from the midfield a lot.

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One of my better discoveries. Andrey Milevskiy, DMC extoranaire. I got him for 1 million pounds and have just started my third season with him. He had a 7.62 for one year and a 7.61 for the other, and tackling of 3.0 (ish). I play him alone in the DMC position and it's like having a brick wall in front of the defence at times. Doesn't score much but makes a lot of passes in many games.

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Here are a couple more of my latest findings. I don't know if you guys have already heard about them, but anyway.......

Chedric Seedorf. This is the first season I've not had him out of position. Not a bad return considering that he is paying alongside Maxim. Seems to be constantly involved and always shows up in the big games for me. He's still only 22 in 2005.

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Aki Riihilahti. Another very good player. A DMC, who I play on the right of a three man central midfield. Makes lots of assists, lots of passes in general and is a decent tackler.


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PlayerName: Joao Paiva
Position: Striker
Age: 18
Value: Free at the beginning
Version Of Game: CM 01/02:V3.9.60:)