[CM 03/03] God of all gods


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I dont even have MCM on my PC. Im honestly not making a joke. I dont edit my game, cheat etc. I just play, without using MCM and CMscout.
I was searching for a good cheap DC, and I found this guy in the german NT completely by luck. After collecting my jaw, ( :P ) I checked his contract and he had a 4.5mil release fee, and I made an ofer imediately. Only thing that makes me sad is that i didnt notice this b4. Pace and strengh are prety bad/average but I dont think he'll need speed and strength... He's in the game from 2008 and I noticed the guy in 2015 :(


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teams interested doesn't have much to do with quality, Heskey is absolute crap, but when I play Liverpool big teams like Newcastle are after him. Other class strikers as Tsigalko arent even wanted by the crappiest team


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Re: God of all gods

Originally posted by mixafendis
God of all gods, man of all men... (and with a min fee 4.5mil) Who is it? I feel sory for all of you guys.. but.. he's a regen :o :(
Big deal. Dino Marino has 20's for everything except agression and tackling.


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yea and my cousin that is a 15yr old kid used MCM on him comp and he has 18 players with 20s. And bout your player... well... big deal :rolleyes: Ur a typical Cheating CM n00b who wants to showoff. Ive seen about 1.000.000 such pics the last 2 years here


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well but you still wanted respect, if alex hadnt have said anything then you'd have continued with the lie