CM 3 Training


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I've been awaiting about a week for my login to to be activated and they've failed so I can but turn to you fair individuals for aid.

I recall about 2...maybe 3 years back there was an enourmas training thread for 01/02 on the sigames forums, and someone had posted a system which involved about 7 different training systems for each position, and they were rotated every 2 weeks. Each of them containing the 1intensive, 2 medium and one light trained formula to keep the training to an acceptable limit. Now unfortunately without my ability to login to sigames and after a few hours of searching the misc cm sites on offer that still cover cm3, I have proven incapable of locating any information about the system in question.

So I was hoping that someone could either search the forums for the relevant thread, and then post or send the information. Or if they know of/have the training files for the system, then just post/send the information.

I beg of ye, fellow peoples. I am incapable of any progression of my players stats until I employ this system.

The Kop Kid

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You really don't need a complex system to achieve increased stats. It's one of either three things. A) your coaches suck, B) You don't have enough of them or C) your players are simply incapable of getting any better. I personally just use general training and a customised 'super' where everything is on intense. I usually have about half the squad on 'super' then start to swap them over with the guys on general as they begin to get tired (or pass into comas). I hope that's usefull