CM01/02 questions / advices


Club Supporter

I have restarted playing this old game a fe days ago (god 00/01 and 01/02 are the best ever ! :) ) and I have some questions :

About national team management : how can you find all the player that are eligible for the national team. The nationality is not available in the filter (nigeria) and so it's quite painfull to find the players :s

- Player advise. I'm searching for a DC, a AM R and a MC. I already found a bunch of good players by myself but i feel a bit stuck, wether I get no real match for what I look or there owners refuse to sell them. I have about 20M€ to spend but my team as a low reputation (belgian championship). and salary are limited (max 49k€ per month) I'm starting my second season.

for DC I bought Risp (young promising swedish) last season. I tried Okonokro who look promising but the club refused the deal. I was also on the Norvergian/danish (?) player jonsson but he choose another club

For MC : I bought Battalas(?) and Milevsky first season. No real prospect at the moment. Keeping an eyes on Darlas (young greek player) but seems to short for now. Note that I'm looking for real MC or eventually MDC, not an AM C.

For AM R : I tried Aganowha, quaresma and ole Talenberg (?) The club refuse for the 2 first, for the 3rd one, the club want more than 8M (for a 19 year old) with seems a bit too much for me. I bought Ebiede (nigerain players of al jaeyra [?]) for peanuts but I fear he'll be too short (haven't tested yet)