CM4 and 03/04 Screenshot Showoff


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Ahhhh my Everton game is stuffed whenever i click on training the game freezes and closes. Im so annoyed. I dont want to start another game until there is a new GOOD transfer update. Man iam bored


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You have to wait till monday, CMSorted will be out then

I know, I am bored too:( :kader:

I am also waiting for a new update for TEW. Man I am bored, this is when a PS2 and PES3 and SmackDown HCTP would come in handy:f***:


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I started training Rahn to be left back when i was at HSV, it took him 2 seasons and he's still not a left-back.:(


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I'm desperate to sign a few english players you know. I only have 3 english guys starting. Maybe Matt Hill turns out good and then i'll sign a goalkeeper, Robinson i guess.

Is he good on CM?