Commentary Names ( RFPL )


Youth Team
I'm not sure how much ppl is interesting for this but this is a thing... In my case I play with Russian league teams,but I prefer English commentary... So, there are many of players who don't have callnames ingame and that's suck...
No Sound master for years,so we can't do much about it,but... As you know there is option in Creation master to add some commentary names...
Adding don't mean 100% that commentary name will be audiable ofc... I searched for my personale use and i find and added some names which work...
This is a list of players who can have callname,but for some reasion isn't added...
First is player name,second is audio name ( I will write because some of them are not same ) :

Strandberg - Strandberg
Mário Fernandes - Fernandes
N'dinga - Ndinga
Kombarov - Kombarov
Đjorđjević - Djordjevic
Jovanović - Jovanovic
César Navas - Navas
Dyakov - Dyakov
Maximov - Maximov
Brown Forbes - Brown
Steklov - Steklov
Eboue Kouassi - Eboué
Kozlov - Kozlov
Nemov - Nemov
Pavlov - Pavlov

Not a big deal but for me this is a improvement...
I don't understand why there is no more com. names for Russian players,even for players with nice overall, but ok...
Maybe someone in future will make some tool for audio editing etc...
Sorry for bad English :)