Computer keeps crashing...


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... when I open the AOE III demo.

When ever I open the demo I just get a blank blue screen and my computer freezes completely. I'm not having the problem with anything else that I've tried.

I've tried updating my graphics card drivers and re-installing DirectX and the demo but still no luck.

My computer specs are:

Windows XP (SP2)
Intel Pentium 4 3.60GHz
Radeon X800 XT (Driver version 5.10)


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I know you need some special sh*t on your CPU for the game to work, though I don't know what it's called.

Though I think your CPU got it, since it's quite new I suppose


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Probably the demo yes, lol, that pc should be able to handle most things. Have you tried reinstalling? (That would be a great PC for FM btw)


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Yeah imagine how many leagues...

Anyway I don't know what's wrong. Reinstalling the demo could always be the solution. Furthermore have you downloaded the demo from a known place? Cause if you haven't and downloaded it from a random site than it could be something with spyware or shiitte...