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Confirmed Transfers [2012-2013]

Discussion in 'Soccer Forum' started by theo, May 30, 2008.

  1. Nimreitz

    Nimreitz Make America Great Again

    Carlo is an entitled asshole. Oh, I won't be at Bayern for very long, so screw all your talented youth, I'm just going to sign a bunch of veterans. I don't necessarily mind the James signing, but I think he needs to lean more on Kimmich, Coman, and Renato. I have a suspicion that Rafinha will start just as many games as Kimmich.
  2. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    Alves's U turn. Savage.
  3. ChungaHungry

    ChungaHungry Club Supporter

    (H) Feels like that's in-keeping with his persona.
  4. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    Man C were seriously pissed.

  5. ChungaHungry

    ChungaHungry Club Supporter

    Sure looks like it:


    Biggest transfer coup in recent memory.
  6. Dytza

    Dytza Banned - Playing with Fire

    Nolito Man. City ---> Sevilla
  7. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    What irritates me is that Juve let one of their respected stars go just like that. I mean the fans must be hating bonucci right now. And he looks good on paper but this doesn't look like a great deal to me, especially that 42 mil price tag
  8. Arnau

    Arnau NGR LVR

    Bonucci fighted some members of the Squad and wanted to leave but not outside Italy because his son's sickness. As simple as that, i wouldnt hate him if i was a juventino.
  9. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    So he hasn't destroyed his legacy?
  10. WhoDaWhat

    WhoDaWhat Club Supporter

    Mbappe to PSG done deal. *sigh*
  11. fender

    fender Fan Favourite

    Geoffrey Kondogbia Inter to Valencia ---- loan with option to buy

    Good addition for Valencia the type of commanding CM the team needs, saw he play at the ICC apart from the epic own goal he was pretty solid.
  12. ChungaHungry

    ChungaHungry Club Supporter

    Joao Cancelo going the other way in a similar deal to be confirmed soon too.

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