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I have a question if the mod Conmebol can be downloaded somewhere, because I like games like Copa Libertadores or different leagues, e. g. : Brazilian, Colombian, Argentina etc.


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Happy to announce that Conmebol MOD now features 3 more 100% complete leagues: Chile, Uruguay and Peru

help information:
Out: -Deportes melipilla ❌
-Deportes Temuco ❌
2022: -Curico Unido✔️
I look forward to this mod, congratulations


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Friend, query: Could you unlock all stadiums to be able to assign any stadium in edit mode to any team? For example: I want Independiente to play at Old Trafford when they are at home. Would it be too much trouble for you to unlock them? Since only you could do it. For example Old Trafford is hidden and does not allow you to use it. I would like to be able to assign stadiums to the Argentine clubs, and have all the stadiums available in the game to do it from the edit mode, more than one will like this. Thanks.
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