Converting Older Stadiums To FIFA 14 Made Simple


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Boblezim;3699558 said:
Yes but in the cmp files its a kind of fsh or o files .. and i had never find a solution to converted them but i'm sure that its possible..

these are fifa10 stadiums... you can't do anything with them


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JimmySak;3699570 said:
I wish we could, since I've got numerous stadiums from FIFA'10...

argh.. fu... I'm sad... i had found eindhoven parma and anderlecht stadions but in cpm.
well thank a lot to take the time to give me an answer


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Hi from Spain. I have made a couple of years ago for PES 2 historical versions of Camp Nou. I have searched many tutorials in this forum but I can´t convert both stadiums from BLENDER to FIFA 14. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with 3D Importer-Exporter tool. Someone can help me please?

CAMP NOU 1982-1994:

CAMP NOU 2008-2015:



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hello some body knows how to convert a fifa 11 stadium to fifa 14? because i get now a black screen on the stadiums i wanna use ;) all i see is my crowd and the players notting more :(