Copa América 2007, Semi-Final: Uruguay vs. Brazil [P+R]


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This hurt so much, really. I was so sure Pablito was going to seal the deal with his penalty, but noooooooo of course not. So typical.

Then there's Doni. Bastardo!


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F*ck...i wanted Uruguay in the finals...

They died with their boots on...

If Recoba didn't got injured...


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whats the goalkeeper off the line rule? i always thought when the kicker starts his run, the goalkeeper can go off his line?

Gene Reginato

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El Diablo Rojo;2360010 said:
I think the keeper is allowed to go 1 or 2 steps forward but no more than that. But then again i am not sure.

That's correct. The problem is that it's very hard to implement. In Brazil, there was a time last year when every pk was retaken because the referee wanted to show off, regardless of how and when the goalkeeper moved.