Copa Libertadores 2008.

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América vs. Universidad Católica

The truth is this game couldn't come at a better time, we just fired our coach. :rolleyes: I had hope that someone like "Ruso" Brailovski would bring back the mistique that this club had in the days he played unfortunately we played worse that before when Tena was the coah.

Now the team is under the command of Rubén Omar Romano and I can only hope that the team starts off this Libertadores with "el pie derecho". We're missing Ochoa, Silva (these first two are starters) along with Inigo and Esqueda; all of them are concentrated with the U-23.

I don't think he can tell them much in one day before the match on Wednesday, but hopefully they grow some melons and start sweating the shirt *cough*Richard Nunez, Rodrigo Lopez*cough*. They're not the only two but unfortunately they're the strikers we brough to score goals but they just haven't done much, nothing really.

The game is at the Azteca so I hope the fans come out in masses with eager to see what this new coach has to offer.

Dios, bendice a Romano!!

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River Plate 2 - 1 América

I'd like to say going into the game I was neutral seeing that two of my teams would be facing each other, but as the game went on I was praying we held on to the 1-1 tie. Needless to say our defenders once again fncked it up (Villa and Sanchez).

What I do feel was unfortunate was the players declaring the ref "stole" the game once again, but there was nothing that would make me think that way. We need to stop blaming refs and recognizing we still don't have to team to finish these type of games.

All 4 teams in the group have 3 points.... (:/)


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05/03/2008 results

São Paulo FC (bra) 2 x 1 Audax Italiano (chi)
Fluminense (bra) 6 x 0 Arsenal (arg)
Danubio (uru) 1 x 2 Estudiantes LP (arg)

Sad for Audax, who's start winnin' at 63' with a great goal of Carlos "Cabecita de Piña" Villanueva, who's called like a "crá" by the Fox Sports relator... But may be appears Adriano "El Emperador del Gol" and kill all the italics hopes... in just 2 minutes give the victory to Sao Paulo... Last year thats teams played and the result was 2x2, but on this session Audax don't have the same players an it's noted... The lose the great goalkeeper Loco Peric... But all the responsability is of the Coach, who's rewind the team lines after the first score...

sorry "audita", it's the life...


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06/03/2008 scores

The scores from yesterday...

Boca Juniors (Arg) 3 x 0 Atlas (Mex)
Atlético Nacional (Col) 3 x 0 Sportivo Luqueño (Par)
Nacional (Uru) 3 x 0 Flamengo (Bra)

Boca Jrs. win at the end of game, with 2 goals of Martín Palermo at 81' and 83'.-


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Next Week games


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The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Axolote;2494113 said:
What was the problem with Seba Dominguez, ronni?
Entrevistado en el aeropuerto capitalino antes de viajar a la ciudad de Monterrey, el doctor Joaquín Ledesma, informó que en los estudios que se le hicieron al defensa argentino Domínguez, éste resultó con una distensión muscular en el abductor izquierdo y estará fuera de circulación por espacio de tres semanas, al tiempo que negó una versión que apuntaba a que haya llegado lesionado.

Luckly we get Rodrigo Íñigo (central defender) back this week and we won't have to worry too much about improvising players like Oscar Rojas and Armando Sanchez as "centrales" when both manage different positions.

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CF América 3 - 1 U. de San Martín

Dead last in the Mexican League and first place (by goal differential) in the Libertadores group stage. :mexican:


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I think Boca, Estudiantes and San Pablo...maybe San Lorenzo if they get past the first round...

And River, we have to improve in our away games...

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América 4 - 3 River Plate. OMFG :rockman:

The game goes immediately into one of my most memorable ones not only because of who was playing but because the 18th (last place) team in Mexico beat the 1st place team in Argentina...85,000+ souls won't ever forget what they saw live either.

My candidates:
1. Fluminense
2. São Paulo
3. LDU Quito (my darkhorse)


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Fluminense are started well but they're running out of gas soon, trust me. São Paulo are much better candidates.

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Atlas 3 - 1 Mierda Jrs.

You guys see what I tell you? Atlas is almost into the 2nd round with 10 points atop their group (3).

Chivas on the other hand has get results today vs. Santos or their out. Last night Estadio Jalisco got a visit from Maradona, today they get a visit from O Rey. Tell me if players from either team (Atlas/Chivas) need more motivation than those particular viewers.

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Starting XI
My candidates are:
-LDU Quito
-Fluminense FC


Anyway, let's see tonight if Boca can make to the Round of 16. Fortunately the true disgrace, Arsenal, is out.:cool:

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Starting XI
Finally, the groups stage is over, a little recap of what happened on each group. Boca with the aid of Atlas made it through. Audax went asleep and wasted a chance to be the only chilean side in the round of 16 this year.

Group 1
1- Cruzeiro EC(ARG) 11
2- San Lorenzo(BRA) 10
3- Caracas FC(VEN) 7
4- Real Potosí(BOL) 6

Caracas FC(VEN) vs. San Lorenzo(ARG) 2-0
Cruzeiro EC(BRA) vs. Real Potosí(BOL) 3-0

San Lorenzo(ARG) vs. Cruzeiro EC(BRA) 0-0
Caracas FC(VEN) vs. Real Potosí(BOL) 2-1

Cruzeiro EC(BRA) vs. Caracas FC(VEN) 3-0
Real Potosí(BOL) vs. San Lorenzo(ARG) 2-3

Caracas FC(VEN) vs. Cruzeiro EC(BRA) 1-1
San Lorenzo(ARG) vs. Real Potosí(BOL) 1-0

Real Potosí(BOL) vs. Caracas FC(VEN) 3-1
Cruzeiro EC(BRA) vs. San Lorenzo(ARG) 3-1

Real Potosí(BOL) vs. Cruzeiro EC(BRA) 5-1
San Lorenzo(ARG) vs. Caracas FC(VEN) 3-0

Group 2
1- Estudiantes LP(ARG) 11
2- Lanús(ARG) 10
3- Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) 6
4- Danubio FC(URU) 4

Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) vs. Estudiantes LP(ARG) 1-0
Lanús(ARG) vs. Danubio FC(URU) 1-1

Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) vs. Danubio FC(URU) 0-0
Estudiantes LP(ARG) vs. Lanús(ARG) 0-0

Danubio FC(URU) vs. Estudiantes LP(ARG) 1-2
Lanús(ARG) vs. Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) 0-0

Estudiantes LP(ARG) vs. Danubio FC(URU) 2-0
Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) vs. Lanús(ARG) 1-1

Danubio FC(URU) vs. Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) 2-0
Lanús(ARG) vs. Estudiantes LP(ARG) 3-3

Danubio FC(URU) vs. Lanús(ARG) 1-2
Estudiantes LP(ARG) vs. Deportivo Cuenca(ECU) 2-0

Group 3
1- FC Atlas(MEX) 11
2- Boca Juniors(ARG) 10 +3
3- CSD Colo Colo(CHI) 10 +2
4- UA Maracaibo(VEN) 2

UA Maracaibo(VEN) vs. Boca Juniors(ARG) 1-1
FC Atlas(MEX) vs. CSD Colo Colo(CHI) 3-0

UA Maracaibo(VEN) vs. CSD Colo Colo(CHI) 1-3
Boca Juniors(ARG) vs. FC Atlas(MEX) 3-0

FC Atlas(MEX) vs. UA Maracaibo(VEN) 3-0
CSD Colo Colo(CHI) vs. Boca Juniors(ARG) 2-0

UA Maracaibo(VEN) vs. FC Atlas(MEX) 1-1
Boca Juniors(ARG) vs. CSD Colo Colo(CHI) 4-3

FC Atlas(MEX) vs. Boca Juniors(ARG) 3-1
CSD Colo Colo(CHI) vs. UA Maracaibo(VEN) 2-0

CSD Colo Colo(CHI) vs. FC Atlas(MEX) 1-1
Boca Juniors(ARG) vs. UA Maracaibo(VEN) 3-0

Group 4
1- CR Flamengo(BRA) 13
2- Nacional(URU) 12
3- Cienciano(PER) 7
4- Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) 2

Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) vs. CR Flamengo(BRA) 0-0
Cienciano(PER) vs. Nacional(URU) 2-1

Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) vs. Nacional(URU) 0-1
CR Flamengo(BRA) vs. Cienciano(PER) 2-1

Nacional(URU) vs. CR Flamengo(BRA) 3-0
Cienciano(PER) vs. Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) 1-0

CR Flamengo(BRA) vs. Nacional(URU) 2-0
Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) vs. Cienciano(PER) 0-0

Nacional(URU) vs. Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) 1-0
Cienciano(PER) vs. CR Flamengo(BRA) 0-3

CR Flamengo(BRA) vs. Coronel Bolognesi FC(PER) 2-0
Nacional(URU) vs. Cienciano(PER) 3-1

Group 5
1- River Plate(ARG) 12
2- CF América(MEX) 9 0(10-10)
3- CD Universidad Católica(CHI) 9 0(6-6)
4- CD Universidad San Martín(PER) 6

CD Universidad San Martín(PER) vs. River Plate(ARG) 2-0
CF América(MEX) vs. CD Universidad Católica(CHI) 2-1

CD Universidad San Martín(PER) vs. CD Universidad Católica(CHI) 0-1
River Plate(ARG) vs. CF América(MEX) 2-1

CD Universidad Católica(CHI) vs. River Plate(ARG) 1-2
CF América(MEX) vs. CD Universidad San Martín(PER) 3-1

River Plate(ARG) vs. CD Universidad Católica(CHI) 2-0
CD Universidad San Martín(PER) vs. CF América(MEX) 1-0

CD Universidad Católica(CHI) vs. CD Universidad San Martín(PER) 1-0
CF América(MEX) vs. River Plate(ARG) 4-3

CD Universidad Católica(CHI) vs. CF América(MEX) 2-0
River Plate(ARG) vs. CD Universidad San Martín(PER) 5-0

Group 6
1- Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) 11
2- Santos FC(BRA) 10
3- CD Guadalajara(MEX) 9
4- CD San José(BOL) 4

Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) vs. Santos FC(BRA) 0-0
CD Guadalajara(MEX) vs. CD San José(BOL) 2-0

Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) vs. CD San José(BOL) 0-0
Santos FC vs. CD Guadalajara 1-0

CD Guadalajara(MEX) vs. Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) 0-1
CD San José(BOL) vs. Santos FC(BRA) 2-1

Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) vs. CD Guadalajara 1-0
Santos FC(BRA) vs. CD San José(BOL) 7-0

CD San José(BOL) vs. Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) 2-4
CD Guadalajara(MEX) vs. Santos FC(BRA) 3-2

CD San José(BOL) vs. CD Guadalajara(MEX) 0-3
Santos FC(BRA) vs. Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) 2-1

Group 7
1- São Paulo FC(BRA) 11
2- Atlético Nacional(COL) 8
3- Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) 7 -2
4- Audax Italiano(CHI) 7 -3

Audax Italiano(CHI) vs. Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) 1-2
Atlético Nacional(COL) vs. São Paulo FC(BRA) 1-1

São Paulo FC(BRA) vs. Audax Italiano(CHI) 2-1
Atlético Nacional(COL) vs. Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) 3-0

Audax Italiano(CHI) vs. Atlético Nacional(COL) 1-0
Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) vs. São Paulo FC(BRA) 1-1

São Paulo FC(BRA) vs. Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) 1-0
Atlético Nacional(COL) vs. Audax Italiano(CHI) 1-1

Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) vs. Atlético Nacional(COL) 1-3
Audax Italiano(CHI) vs. São Paulo FC(BRA) 1-0

Sportivo Luqueño(PAR) vs. Audax Italiano(CHI) 4-1
São Paulo FC(BRA) vs. Atlético Nacional(COL) 1-0

Group 8
1- Fluminense FC(BRA) 13
2- LDU Quito(ECU) 10
3- Arsenal FC(ARG) 9
4- Libertad(PAR) 3

LDU Quito(ECU) vs. Fluminense FC(BRA) 0-0
Arsenal FC(ARG) vs. Libertad(PAR) 1-0

LDU Quito(ECU) vs. Libertad(PAR) 2-0
Fluminense FC(BRA) vs. Arsenal FC(ARG) 6-0

Arsenal FC(ARG) vs. LDU Quito(ECU) 0-1
Libertad(PAR) vs. Fluminense FC(BRA) 1-2

LDU Quito(ECU) vs. Arsenal FC(ARG) 6-1
Fluminense FC(BRA) vs. Libertad(PAR) 2-0

Libertad(PAR) vs. LDU Quito(ECU) 3-1
Arsenal FC(ARG) vs. Fluminense FC(BRA) 2-0

Libertad(PAR) vs. Arsenal FC(ARG) 1-2
Fluminense FC(BRA) vs. LDU Quito(ECU) 1-0

The format for the Round of 16. All the qualified teams go to an overall table and the matches are decided by their position in said table. So the round of 16 matches. The highest seeded teams will be the home team in the second leg.

R1(1º vs. 16º)- Fluminense FC(BRA) vs. Atlético Nacional(COL)
R2(2º vs. 15º)- CR Flamengo(BRA) vs. CF América(MEX)
R3(3º vs. 14º)- River Plate(ARG) vs. San Lorenzo(ARG)
R4(4º vs. 13º)- FC Atlas(MEX) vs. Lanús(ARG)
R5(5º vs. 12º)- Cruzeiro EC(BRA) vs. Boca Juniors(ARG)
R6(6º vs. 11º)- Estudiantes LP(ARG) vs. LDU Quito(ECU)
R7(7º vs. 10º)- Cúcuta Deportivo(COL) vs. Santos FC(BRA)
R8(8º vs. 9º)- São Pulo FC(BRA) vs. Nacional(URU)

Quarter finals program. The first leg will be played between 27/5 and 29/5, and the second leg will be played between 3/6 and 5/6.

Q1- Winner of R1 vs. Winner of R8
Q2- Winner of R7 vs. Winner of R2
Q3- Winner of R4 vs. Winner of R5
Q4- Winner of R6 vs. Winner of R3

And so, the round of 16 starts next week. Interesting matches for the wednesday.

Tuesday 29/4
Lanús(ARG) vs. FC Atlas(MEX)
LDU Quito(ECU) vs. Estudiantes LP(ARG)

Wednesday 30/4
Boca Juniors(ARG) vs. Cruzeiro EC(BRA)
San Lorenzo(ARG) vs. River Plate(ARG)
CF América(MEX) vs. CR Flamengo(BRA)
Nacional(URU) vs. São Pulo FC(BRA)
Atlético Nacional(COL) vs. Fluminense FC(BRA)

Thursday 1/5
Santos FC(BRA) vs. Cúcuta Deportivo(COL)

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At least for me there are two surprises and they are Colo Colo and Chivas not making it through the 2nd phase, but it's not like I'm crying over the fact. (H)

CF América is thinking of signing a few 2-3 players to see if we can better our chances advancing in the Libertadores, honestly I don't think they can help much but we'll see.

I think these will be VERY interesting matches...

San Lorenzo vs. River Plate
Nacional vs. São Paulo

...and of course the game vs. CR Cidade de Deus is of my personal interest.