Crash in loading phase


Club Supporter
Hi all, is it possible that FIFA crashes in loading phase due to some teams created with CM10 without players assigned to theme ?



Youth Team
in CM10, go to each of your created teams. and go to "Formation" tab. make sure none of the created teams formation is blank (empty). give them all a base formation like 4-4-2. you can always change it later to a custom formation in DBM10. if that doesn't work, then maybe there are too many players on the roster of the created team and you have to release them from the team.


Reserve Team
Also, check to make sure those clubs all have flags in. There's a common problem when if a team doesn't have flags, the game will crash while loading. If you don't have any, make sure the generic flag box is checked. There's so many ways that Fifa can crash if you're not careful.