Creating a German Club


Reserve Team
OK.....i created a team in CM 01/02 called Cleveland Crunch Indoor Soccer Club...(4th in Bundesliga behind Dortmund, Bayern and

So since most german clubs have the amature/reserve sides, I thought I'd create one myself. Only problem is I couldn't have the teams connected. The game thinks they are two seperate and unattached clubs. I can't figure out how to get this to work. Any Suggestions?

Knight Saber

Senior Squad
I'm not sure as I haven't played 01/02 in a while, but I think that Reserves/Amateurs are automatically created at the same time so that when in-game you can see them, but you can't in the editor that you may be using.


You can't do it as far as I know. I remember I tried making it so everyone in the EPL had a "B" team as they do in the Spanish league, ddn't work.