creating Team North America


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Hi, I am going to be creating a Team North America using Creation Centre. The players are only from Mexico, USA, and Canada.

I was wondering if somebody could please create a logo for a North American squad. Possibly have the three nations' FA logos joined together or something like that. I would really appreciate it if somebody could please do that.

After somebody creates a logo, I can make the banners and flags by myself.
Thankyou so much!

I looked in to it, and chose these 16 players. What do you guys think about the roster???

Goalkeepers: Omar Sanchez (MEX), Pat Onstad (CAN)

Defenders: Rafael Marquez (MEX), Ricardo Osorio (MEX), Claudio Suarez (MEX), Carlos Bocanegra (USA), Josh Simpson (CAN)

Midfielders: Owen Hargreaves (CAN), Dwayne DeRosario (CAN), Pavel Pardo (MEX), Luis Perez (MEX), Clint Dempsey (USA), Landon Donovan (USA)

Forwards: Omar Bravo (MEX), Jared Borgetti (MEX), Jose Fonseca (MEX)