Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released


Senior Squad

This is the updated version of the Creation Centre 2005 which fixes many of the bugs of the previous version along with adding some new features.

Be sure to uninstall the previous version of the Creation Centre 2005 before installing this new version.


* Game crashes intermittenly especially after a substitution is made.
* GDI+ error when opening a league window.
* All teams grouped in Region 1.
* Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow (caused by corrupted database).
* Top banner too large and obscured team/player window.
* Raise the number of players limit to 28.


* Works with UEFA CL 2004-2005 Demo.
* Shoe colours lookup table.
* Czech language pack by Jri Adamec.


Starting XI
Yes, it's horrible, i've been ever waiting for the new cc to come out, but my Fifa is ever so screwed up since i got my computer upgraded.


Starting XI
Will that fix it? I don't think the problems got to do with the graphics, its the screen when it loading the main menu ? then it freezes.


Starting XI
Well i did, and nothing has changed, but my hardrive is kind of screwed also, i'll see what happens after the hardrive gets fixed.


Youth Team
CC update bugs !!

Hi Chau, i write to you about big bug in CC 2005, here is it:
1. I opened CC 2005 and Ucl demo database
2. Next I found D.Drogba and i import him 3 files for faces and one mini head
3. When i close his profile then there wasn't mini head and there was an error like :

Please help me,


Youth Team
Hi, first of all I wante to thank Chau for his great work... thank you !!! you are the men! :rockman:

Now, to my litle problem...

I can't download the file, it seems that I have problems entering filefront, so I was wondering if anybody could put the file in another web, maybe a mirror link to download the file...



Youth Team
CC05 new version problem

i have installed the new version of CC05,
still without the tool bar...
anyone can help?


Youth Team
Click the Details button to reveal more info on the crash. Take a screenshot so I can see what the problem is.



Youth Team
Re: CC05 new version problem

Originally posted by chikingh
i have installed the new version of CC05,
still without the tool bar...
anyone can help?

What toolbar are you talking about? The toolbar at the top of the window?

Can you attach a screenshot to show me what the problem is?

BTW, try right-click on the title bar at the bottom of the screen where it says "Creation Centre 2005". That would bring up a cool circular menu.


Youth Team
CC2005 update release??

With the new release do we have to reinstall fifa if we had issues or over right the fifa.dat files or others or just install and edit and play?

Thanks chau


Reserve Team
This new version works great! Thanks chau.

One thing I noticed durring importing of flags. If I import flags for more that 2 teams, CC just closes without any error. The files get imported, but it just closes... (so remember to save before you import any graphics).

Also one more thing:
After you click on the Save button, if it asks you "Do you want to rebuild FAT & BH files?", choose NO. Each time i choose YES, my FIFA05 will CTD after loading the main menu. But when I use the SoccerAccess fatbhbuilder, it works great with no problems at all.


Club Supporter
When I install the new version ,I can only see two teams in UCL04-05 DEMO.

How can I edit FIFA05's team/league?


Reserve Team
Thats because there are only 2 teams in the demo. You have to choose FIFA 05 when the thing starts to edit the 05 stuff.