Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released


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Jepp this is the best version to date.

One thing tho. The player that is created for a team, is not shown in the formation window...


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Yes Chau , good work I must say :)
I've found something
In the FC Bayern team, the face of player Lucio doesn't appear in the starting 11 field screen

@ FER04

You're the guy who stole the Sweetpatch Roster and publish it at Socceraccess without our permission.


I hope you've learned the lesson and don't do it one more time


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It seems to me that you are wrong, first asks and later speak, do not be absent the respect man......Jomi


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Let's crash fifa again, (back choir: let's crash fifa again)
maybe next year it's time for an ingame CC (back choir: ingame CC)

Yeah, I got myself a hit :rockman: Now I'll start making a fortune and next year I'll release the same song with just a few other words in it. God, I love this EA-strategy to make money (H)


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hi :]
now my problem -> i've installed fifa 2005 and ucl 2004/2005, CC 2005 working great with FIFA but there's problem with ucl :rolleyes: i think cc can't see my ucl :( i don't know why but i see that -> in this picture i should choose beetween UCL and FIFA - but there's only fifa !
But when i'm only installing UCL and then CC 2005 i see this menu -> but only a sign in the bottom od the screen where's writed FIFA 2005 i see UCL 2004/2005 or something like that and i can't scroll down the menu with teams :( there's nothing except this sign at the bottom :rolleyes:
Please help mi somebody ;) And Chau of course

P.s. right click on the UCL 2004/2005 sign doesn't help :( nothing happens :rolleyes:
p.s. very sorry for my english.
p.s. I"M SO SORRY !!! I haven't read good. The newest version of CC can edit ONLY the demo of UCL but no full version :D I'm stupid :crazyboy:


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i cant use the creatin centre i fond this message

please tel me what can i do?



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hi chau.
at first, sorry if my english isn't perfect.
i have encountered a problem which i think is caused by cc.
i started a career mode with edited team, played one game and
then the game crashed.
it happened the next time i tried it.
is there a solution for my problem?


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Hello , your crash has been caused by CC that's for sure.
Maybe you should go back into CC , make no changes but save again.It worked for me.Sounds stupid but there could have gone something wrong while saving and building data.
Be sure you have not edited a team which already has been changed by another patch ( like the dutch team created by sweetpatch roster update).You should use a clean database to edit.Try to save changes , exit CC and go into it and save again.
Please respond if it's working.


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well, it seem that i caused the problem.
i edited team that was already changed in bpl patch,
so i guess that's what caused the crashes.
thank you


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Mine too.

Originally posted by SuRFy
Well my CC is running great, no problems whatsoever, great work Chau ! (Y) (Y) (Y)

Thank you Chau,
My CC is running great, not perfect I must say, but I'm very happy.
There is occasionally the odd problem here and there, but I always back my files up. Actually, I back up the entire FIFA 2005 folder.
I use mainly CC, but occasionally I have to use UniDB to make a few adjustments. But altogether, I'm very happy, I now have 19 created teams in my game and it works fine.




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I wnt to give Rangers a 3rd kit i have pressed the add button and added a mini kit and then the third kit but nothing in trhe game . anyone able to help me?