Creation Master 10 doesn't work with Win11, any solutions? (upd: solved)


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Hello! I have Win 11 but Creation Master 10 doesn't work in it. The problem is compability obviously as it's x32 file. I tried every version from Beta 1 to 10.3 but it doesn't run. I can install it but when you try to run CM, it doesn't open.
I tried installing NET. Framework 2.0 and 3.5 - doesn't run
I tried installing DirectX 9-11 - doesn't run
I tried compability mode from Win95 to Win8 - doesn't run.
I downloaded the archive from FifaKorea with 'now working with 64 bit operating systems!' - doesn't run.

I found the info that there were some registry files uploaded by jorge78 ( solving the problem on x64 OS. I also found that the names of these files are:


upd: there also was some archive that you should unrar in main folder -

Can anyone help me? I wanna run CM 10 on my PC. Are there any other solutions of this problem? It's interesting to read advices from people with Win10 OS of how you run CM 10. I wanna play with new kits, boots, adboards etc for online mode. But I can't...
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The problem has solved for 10.3 version

You must install licensed copy of FIFA 10 of 7gb (not the repacked version) and compability mode of XP SP3