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If they can't....I'll bring you down to my level and win with experience.

Just because i'm an asshole. :)


Originally posted by TODO-FIFA
So if i'm under 13 I can't think .... nice point... you just see if i'm a man to have another thing to complain me... you think that if i'm not a man I don't have chance on an adult...

Well I think i'm not the retarded...

So you think I'm doing a battle? let me tell you that I'm intelligent... and you think that i'm not inteligent just because i'm saying the opposite... it's not like that mate

that makes absolutely no sense...

and since you're so intelligent, i'd imagine that you'd know how to spell the freakin word....

like i said, go make some kits or something

i have some manatees to save...


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Originally posted by TODO-FIFA
So if i'm under 13 I can't think .... nice point... you just see if i'm a man to have another thing to complain me... you think that if i'm not a man I don't have chance on an adult...

Well I think i'm not the retarded...

So you think I'm doing a battle? let me tell you that I'm intelligent... and you think that i'm not inteligent just because i'm saying the opposite... it's not like that mate

You know what, you're right. Your grammar alone proves how intelligent you are. You just don't get it; you could have a 250 IQ, but that doesn't change the fact that you just haven't learned enough or experienced enough to compare to a 20 something. IQ (which I'll use because we're all familiar with it) only manages your ability to retain information that you should have learned (or have the ability to figure out) as compared to others in your age group. You've had middle school english in which I'm sure you didn't even read the books (just like me at the same age) and you have middle school level logic (or slightly higher). Experience and aquired knowledge is 10 times more important than an Intelligence Quotient. I'm positive that I couldn't have a stimulating conversation with you unless we're talking sports, and even in that area you just haven't seen enough to offer anything exciting or new to me.

And by the way, if you think your the only "inteligent" person here and that you can compensate for age by being so "inteligent", you're wrong. Almost everyone who goes to internet forums has a high IQ; I personally can join MENSA whenever I want and I'm not special compared to most people here.

Basically just shut the **** up.


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Yeah you say I have to shut up , but I was trying to keep the peace here and you started fu**ing insulting me...

Do ya think I have enough time to see if i'm writing good or wrong?

Do ya think that it's that easy to learn another language by 3 years of studying ?

Well mate , I learnt YOUR language ... now try to speak spanish as I speak english... without a translator if it is possible...

And man don't tell me that the USA 's english is good because it's nothing compared to the britanic one...

Well but it has nothing to do with the damn thread so if you are that entertained on insulting me , just do it I don't care anymore , just let's stop with this sh** because I see that no-one wants to stop... just see if I insulted anyone on any thread... I came here to say what was happening and to see why the mods were in the "joke" if we can call it like that...

See that you edited your post... I like to see what did you edit:rolleyes:


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I put a few quotation marks here and some bold type there. The message remained the same. I'll never learn Spanish, but do you think my 3 years of German will count? Does it have to be your language to suffice for learning a language? Oh, and now I'm taking french too, so that would go above and beyond what you've done.

1) Good for you, learning a language is tough and I always thought that a great way to learn was on an internet forum.

2) You called the forum that I have been a member of for almost 4 years "racist." You mess with the bull and you'll get the horns young man. I've personally fought against every instance of racism I've seen and even got a member banned (although someone let him back in).

3) By continuing the post you continue the arguement, sometimes you just gotta walk away and realize when A) You have no chance, or B) They're not gonna let up no matter what you do.

4) While I do believe an internet forum is a great way to learn a new language, until I knew it very well I probably wouldn't make over 2000 posts.


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mate I do not only post on the English forums ... and yes I have to say that I learnt a lot of english on this forums... about the other things I won't say anything... I think that if I say any other thing it will start another discussion...

I Have to say , it's logic that you know another two languages and even better than me because you are older than me .... isn't it logic mate?


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I don't want to start another discussion , I'm gonna sleep (it's 4.30 am here) but i'd like to add only this...

Article 4: Verbal Abuse and Speech that portrays Malice :
kind towards a user in a spiteful manner will be dealt with utmost severity. A Verbal Warning or a Yellow Card will be meted out immediately and repeating offenders will be banned or expelled depending on the nature of the offense

Well , some people (Incluiding the mods) are not respecting this rule... I think :rolleyes: I'm only thinking about this , you can think what you want about this...

Members posting the same material over and over and making ignorant and pointless threads will be given a Yellow Card immediately. Members offending more than once will be Red Carded or Banned – whichever may be more appropriate in that situation. Spamming is a serious offense and the offender can have his Internet privileges taken away if reported by Soccer Gaming to the person’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Well... we can say that the images you post and your laughs at this (and every) thread are not post boosting , right? :rolleyes:

Article 6: Post Boosting:
Its Quality over Quantity here at Soccer Gaming. Pointless threads or posts will be deleted and people trying to Boost their Post Count will be warned if the offense is repeated over and over. Severe cases of post boosting will result in your post count being slashed in half or more or will result in a Yellow Card. Meaningless replies that convey nothing but the obvious can also be deemed as Post Boosting.

Nothing to add... specially because of AberdeenFC

Article 9: Administrators and Moderators:
The Administrators and Moderators are here to make your experience at Soccer Gaming an enjoyable one. They are here to make sure the rules are followed and that the high standards set by Soccer Gaming are maintained. Any comments towards the Forum Moderators or Administrators that suggest hate, contempt or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated and the offending member will be Red Carded immediately and even expelled if the offense repeats itself.

Yes Iceblu treated me like i'm the President on the forum , I am really enjoying with this people posting on this forum (H)


Hope we can stop this ...:) Good bye...


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yeah he is ******* right, u iceblu or whatever are acting like a kid. I dont care ur age, like u said, u r older than me, but what u r doing, thats loow, u have a 4 years old brain man :kader:


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before you insult someone, please use the right grammer, or otherwise you sound like a twat.........oh but you do;)


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Darko I must agree on your behalf, this thread should be closed, although it is very funny, it should still be closed. English is obviously Darko's second language, there's no reason to laugh at his spelling errors. That's like laughing at someone who is mentally ill because they were born like that.

My advice to darko is ignore it, let them sort it out themselves. It's not like you're actually in love with that man, it was just a joke. If you keep posting at this thread, you'll make yourself look worse. Like I said earlier, never mess with a mod, they might change your name to something you won't like. Which they shouldn't be doing, but they have that power.



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members like Dazmania, the i'm a n00b but act like a tuff, Seb aka Scrotum with his boufon, and other dicks


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lol lol lol , see who got the yellow card :D I can't stop laughing :D :D (and because I wasn't letting it go?) really nice joke (H)



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ok ok I don't want to discuss to anyone anymore as I said on more or less 5 posts , but you say I don't let it go... it's oook , I won't annoy on this kind of jokes anymore...

Just don't think that I am doing this because of the yellow card :p
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