Decoding Sounds SBR and SBS


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long ago , in FIFA 11 , rinaldo was able to create an incredible tool, Sound Master 11 , was perfect for editing sounds , COmenatarios , the crowd chants, sound track , among others.
Someone who has some notion of decoding would be possible, decoficar , these sounds .

the sounds files, they are easily found in
and your files can be extracted , the master file .
.sbr (sound bank)
.sbs (real sound)

here's some information I got several , decodes forums.

Rinaldo says :

I guess I need the help of some expert in audio coding. I have been able to understand the structure of .sbr files, they are just a kind of descriptor for locating the actual sounds that are in the .sbs file (e.g. It is also possible to recognize in .sbs some chunks of data starting with a 2 bytes chunk descriptor followed by the size of the chunk in 2 bytes. I found 3 type of chunks:
data starting with 0x48 0x00 describe the sampling rate and other parameters and it is always the first chunk of each sound.
data starting with 0x45 0x00 are just the sound terminator.
data starting with 0x44 0x00 are the actual audio data but they are compressed in a form I cannot figure out.

Opening a .sbs file with an hex editor I think you can easily recognize the chunk identifiers. The question is: which is the format used by 0x44 0x00 chunks to encode audio data ?


You need to start using the correct forums for your threads.

I know I have told you at least times personally.


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William, what have you found aside from those threads? They don't offer much help...


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Really hoping something can be done with sounds, it's ok if you support a big club because EA put some chants in, when you support a "little club" you get nothing but generic chants or even chants for some other team, when there was the custom chants feature it wasn't so bad but now of course they removed that :(


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Im following this thread bro, its so important ! We want to make turkish commentary but we couldnt find any way :(


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A rly needed tool :( in past it was easy to make some commentary names for players... So much players need it,especially in lower leagues...


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Sound Master for Fifa 14-16 is good idea.
I remember Sound Master Edition by Rinaldo (Fifa 06, 07, 08, 09 and last version for Fifa 10.
This is very needed tool. For many people.


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The last version was for FIFA11 :) So its so important for chants, musics and commentary :) Im waiting good news from rinaldo