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Is it just me or it is almost impossible to score a goal with a foot? All my goals have been from headers and after playing all in all for like 1.5 hours i still haven't scored a single goal with my foot. I can be killing a team and having 10 one on ones per half, but still their goalie will save EVERY single shot, while when the CPU attacks, if my goalie makes a save so rarely that i can almost pop a bottle and start celebrating when that happens.

So anybody had the same problem or it's just me who really sucks at this game?

And also how does the CPU do all his small movements with the ball like jokeys with it, everytime i try to do it my player turns around fully, but never walks backwards.


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Hey don't worry about suckin. It's just that the goalkeepers turn into Supermen b/c that's EA's way to make the game "challenging" :kader: I've also had that problem one game where I had 30 freakin shots and I only ended up to win 1-0. About half of them would have gone in in real life too.


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I just don't understand how a computer takes 3 shots outside the box and all 3 of them go into top corner, while i take 10 inside the box and all 10 of them get saved.


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Try shooting from an angle. Let's say you approach the 18 from the right corner and shoot, the GK tends to parry the ball across the goal setting up your other attacker on the left for a tap-in. It is EA recommended, and I have scored many goals this way.


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^^^ yeah but then every goal is the same old boring goal like that. damn when will be the day when its not so scripted.


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FINALLY SOME PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME! It hasn't changed the face of soccer gaming, as someone else claimed on this forum...far from it. Graphics? nice (not the best, but nice). Gameplay? still poor.

E3's going to be interesting; EA is going to show a glimpse of Fifa 07, albeit "behind closed doors" to show the kind of technology they are creating for their sports games. Next Gen PES is going to display at the same event... can't wait til next week!