Developing A Formula For Rating Retired Players


Youth Team
Hi guys,

Anyone interested in this project?

I have a working Excel formula in development for determining a retired player's overall rating out of 100. What I mean exactly by "overall rating" is sort of like a power score; the player's overall accomplishments during his football career.

I've tested it and it's giving out fairly accurate representations (in my opinion anyway). Judge for yourself, what do you think of these scores:

Pele - 98%
Beckenbauer - 97%
Bobby Moore - 96%
Jimmy Greaves - 87%
Gary Lineker - 85%
Zidane - 96%
Cruyff - 95%
Pirlo - 96%
Bobby Charlton - 95%
Aaron Mokoena - 82%
Nat Lofthouse - 78%

It's in the early stages currently but once it's ready I'll be using it on my web project found in my signature.

If anyone is interested in contributing to this then PM me and I'll share the method.