DKG - Dynamic kit generator (v0.4 beta release)


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It took blood sweat and tears during 9 months, but I've finally ready to announce the first beta version of DKG.

The current version were split into 2, Lite for those who don't support me on Ko-fi and Infinite for those who eventually do. This should enable me to get a better idea of how viable the future of this project is, so download your version at:

This version has a lot of new content, especial pattern wise, but the main improvements were in the exporting modules. The exported module were designed to fit FET's batch import option, making the data import much more quickly. Also, the tool also export the pertinent kit tables, so stuff like font, colors and geometry will all be changed correctly, according to the kit shown in the tool's showcase model.

If you wish to have a chance to get free access to the Infinite version, follow me on Instagram and mention a friend in the comment of this post. This will make you eligible to be selected as the winner of my giveaway contest, the draw will be held on September 11th morning UTC-3.

Check the readme for a quick information about the version and the tool itself for full changelog and basic guide. Check the image below to know more about this version's content:

Have a great time with DKG!
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Youth Team
will there be more teams in the future?
Yeah, but I need more support in order to keep going. 1 year of intense work to put the tool on the current state, yet, pretty much no support.

I have a lot of plans for it, including more teams, kit suppliers, patterns and even different kit types like referees and track suits. But like I said, the tool will have a future only if the community support my work...