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Oh yessss, that´s sounds good, Bangus! I will try it right now. Thank you for the helpful Information! BTW Bangus, that is not the right thread, but yesterday I delve into your thread "DB Editing Tutorials", you explain everything so well, that I will try myself editing a squad file in the near future. ;-) Thumbs up.
Thanks. Use CGFE now to edit the db, it's much easier. I wrote a short tutorial in that thread:


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Actually, I think he has Frosty cam mods as well, it might be hard to find the Cheatengine cams because they are older. The Fidel file I used is called FIFA18_PRO_CAM_TW_1_0

Yes this file is on Page 16 in this thread. I remember you gave the Advice. Ok I will try it too. Today I have many issues with importing kits in CG FE 18. But I don´t want to spam this thread with my issues. Sorry at all if I do so. I post my issus now in CG FE thread.

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I cant go inside DataContainer in CGFE for some reason :/
Depends on the data container which chances are you won't be able to do anything in it anyway.
Frostbite has a lot of files you don't need to be messing with.
Hi, Fidel, you know what to do for the End to End camera can look forward in both halves? or anybody here can help me?
FYI, the WC update stadiums that work with Fidel's main multi-cam file are:
Luzhniki Stadium
Kazan Arena
Samara Arena
Fisht Stadium
Spartak Stadium
Rostov Arena
Mordovia Arena
Kaliningrad Stadium
8 out of 12, pretty good!

Hello, I suggest you: don't spend time tweaking the gp cam by editing the ebx with frosty or cgfe.
I've regenerated my old discovery I made on fifa 16 when I've tweaked the gp cam in a new way.
Many were waiting, but the big day finally came.
The mod come out in these next days, and is in legacy file format, so will be compatible with cgfe or frosty.
I'll share a little pack with all you need inside and the best: easy to edit or adjust with the zoom you like.
Pics with 0.70 zoom value inside the interested file: musedata-match.big (other details soon but this is the file to import back with cgfe or frosty).
0.70 - magic setup

In the pics I'm with default cam from game option but the tweak will globally work for all cam included.

You can adjust from 0.60 to 4.0.
Atm you can adjust "only this file settings" but the best:
in the pic you can see the code I've added in order to tweak the camera zoom:

Only the muse data I'll share will be editable and already modded and ready to edit. Because the default one include two compression FB10 and IBX16.

I'm also working to:

SPECIAL VERSION, new angle atc:

IMMERSIVE VERSION with full gfx enabled, full 3d grass etc, like LIVE GAMEPLAY MODE.
(not stable atm, need to write a lot of code....because the cam don't switch and follow.....etc), actual work/test:

Standard IMMERSIVE VERSION (fully working, improved and tweaked when move in the pitch, medium zoom):

Bye. Stay tuned.

This mod with only one tweak will patch globally any user gp cam in any stadium.
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Last night I tried the Simulation gameplay that is available in GPET and I was amazed!!!!!!! It completely changed the gameplay. It flows in such a realistic way. The ball physics are so much better. Can't thank you enough for such an improved gameplay. Looking forward to new releases. I'll try my best to be able to make a donation next month.


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Is there a way to make the A.I take more shots? It always want to almost walk into the goal to score. It has a lot of good oportunities to score a goal from mid range, but it never takes those shots. It's kinda annoying the way I.A keeps passing and passing instead of shooting. The standard gameplay by EA is always like that, so I wonder if it's possible to make the A.I take more shots by modding it.

Also, I feel like the GK are too overpowered using the simulation mode. Even decreasing the slides. Is it normal?


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Is there a way to make the A.I take more shots? I wonder if it's possible to make the A.I take more shots by modding it.
Very easy to fix, but it does take editing the db. 1. Increase players' long shot ratings. 2. Increasing shot power and long shot ratings adds the Distance Shooter Specialty. You will see a huge increase in CPU shots after that. 3. There is a trait that supposedly increases long shots, can't remember which code it is. I don't use it, IMO it doesn't help at all. 4. Increase team tactic shooting, again results are iffy.


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I was complaining about the GK as well, but that was my mistake. There was something conflicting with this mod. It's perfect now.:33vff3o:

I can't even play FIFA without this mod anymore. Thanks again.