Does anyone still do graphics here? Need a few logos doing


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Need a few logos doing, for free, all you get in return is... lots of reputation ... a custom title. And i might draw you a picture on MSPaint as a thank you.

If you're interested then just post in here and I'll PM you details. It isn't very interesting, but it won't exactly take you long.

Sir Calumn

I'm posting just to get Tom's hopes up when he sees the number of replies only for them to be cruelly dashed.


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Here's some samples from my portfolio over the years, I think I'm the man for the job. Animation, transperant graphics, photoshop effects, censorship of pictures, different sizes, I got it covered.

(Whatever happened to AhmedK?)



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I will do it for you.

If you are looking for me to distort it, draw cocks on it, and make a mockery of it.


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Can anyone make me a high quality wallpaper that is size 1366x768? I would like it to be Thomas Muller in a Bayern jersey karate kicking Osama Bin Laden and to have like flames or something cool coming out of the kick. Then just have like THOMAS MULLER on the bottom.

This is a really great opportunity to add something professional to your portfolio.


Make America Great Again
Not exactly what I was looking for, but a good first draft. Was looking for a scene, like this as an example



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ShiftyPowers;3327967 said:
I doubt you will find an actual pic of Muller kicking bin Laden.

Haha, he found a "blog" about the Philippine national team to post here as his. Why not a Muller karate kick?


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Well googling muller kicking bin laden just brought me back here in this thread i think the only way you can get that image is if you go to a Photo-Shop