Does anyone still edit old FIFA?


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I see the work tokke001 puts in every season to update FIFA 11 to the current seasons, and I often catch myself wondering, is there people out there still doing this kind of work for older versions?

I remember I made my own mod for FIFA 98 ages ago and thought of doing something similar for later games, but the fact that the tools needed to do it are too deprecated to work on new OS or risk being lost in the ether of Internet hampers me. I tried using Creation Center for 2005 and it wouldn't work, even on a virtual machine running Windows XP.

Which is why I ask, is there people still working on these older games? Especially the pre-06 ones? If so, what do you do?


I'm not working on anything global (except FIFA 07 Remastered Edition), but I have a passion to research and edit old games.
For such old games (pre-06), I'm mainly creating small tools and plugins, which also work for more recent games (pre-11), like these:

I had ideas about creating a new season patch for old games, and I already made some tools and plugins for 07 and 08 which allow to use new faces, stadiums and kits.