Dougster's classic kits (no requests please)


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Hi all, I used to make kits for FIFA (and Pro Evo) in the past but recently have been making a load of classic kits which I've been adding to the game since picking FIFA 16 back up again after release of the FIP 16 patch. As a bit of a retro kit nut I find making classic kits more enjoyable than the latest designs, and besides, it seems as if the majority of kit makers make the latest stuff, so I don't want to "compete" with them so to speak.

Whenever I make classic team kits I do tend to make the corresponding goalie kit as well, and fonts wherever possible. What I do please ask is not to bombard me with requests however, I don't have as much free time as I would really like (as I have a life, ha!). But one thing for sure I will take feedback so if I've made any errors, feel free to correct me.

So, first up, here is the Argentina away kit from Italia '90.

Outfield kit collar 7, set numbers as white for shirt, blue for shorts
Goalie kit collar 10, set numbers as grey for shirt (due to different font), white for shorts


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I dont want to disturb but some kits have been made for classic kits, my suggestion is that you try the kits that haven´t been made