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other problem U_U
I put specific adboards for WC 1966 team (ID 23) but in game not show expecially in tournament....


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If i set
the referee have collar n8 in ALLS friendly match, right?

I don't understand why for two leagues teams (alsways friendly) don't work :|


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Hi Giggriva, do you know much about converting stadiums? I have two stadiums from FIFA2003, the Olympia Munich and the Stade de France. Maybe these might be useful for WC74 and WC98?


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No I don't know.... i hope someone know hope to convert..... olympiastion munich still remain my favorite stadium.....

now new gloves....

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Generic WC 74 by Reusch



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jovanu1992;3603155 said:
heey GIGGIRIVA, is my Holland patch for WC74 good for you ?

Hi.... not very good..... but thanks....
Alls overall are 50, some roles are wrong, birthdate wrong....
but i love the minihead :)