[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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Other two fiw. Crasson and Deflandre (not inclued in next release)

Now I have to fix these faces
Someone I think will be completely erased from the patch.

Charbonnier Lionel
Moller Peter
Frandsen Per
Filipescu Iulian
Okechukwu Uche
Okpara Godwin
Oruma Wilson
Bassir Salaheddine
Oliveira Luis
Olembe Salomon
Coly Ferdinand
Fadiga Khalilou
Balaban Bosko
Klos Tomasz
pleas daniel boffin and part goor email mbenza


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I installed this patch once some years ago and I thought it was awesome, but the fact that literally all players were right-footed threw me off. Is it still the case?


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Try to check some face hairstyles like Mascherano from Brazil 2014 and Rusia 2018 because they have a hair in the patch


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Nations League was established in 2019. This is the present day. If you want to play the Nations League you can try my FNTv2 mod.
What kindle of mod is that? It is better try to include both competitions on Classic Patch and update it each time to the current decades
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Please could you add:

-Sevilla 1991/1992 with Maradona, Simeone and Suker
-Real Madrid 1991/1992
-Real Madrid 1992/1993
-Real Madrid 1993/1994
-PSG 2001/02
-PSG 2002/03
-Betis 2000-2005
-Sevilla 2004/05
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New teams. With Tomasoni we are recreating the national champions season by season from 1979-80 to 1988-89 of the 5 main leagues (Serie A, First Division, Liga, 1. Bundesliga, Division 1) And Milan in his Serie B seasons. In the near future the same will be done with the 90s (where and if missing) but not in the near future. I also miss the liverpool and juventus 1979-80 jerseys (i will make tomorrow), then the German and French ones will be made missing for this period.