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Help! I can't find the logo or font for NEGRONI

I've found two slightly better versions, not the best ones, but it's almost impossible to find this logo online unfortunately.
Some photoshopping and maybe we can have a good result.


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Hi giggi, won't be Better ti publish decades patch or databases instead a Big One patch? Because with next releases with all these club teams by year Will be so big on the disk. P.s. if there will be more clubs year-by-year Will your patch be more suitable also for career mode?


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the goal is to slowly arrive at 1929-30 and certainly at 1999-00. The period 2000-01 / 2009-10 the jerseys are too much for me. Slowly we will create each Serie A. The important thing was to remove a large part of the 90s which is the decade with the most complex shirts.
Ross McCormack who decided to take over my abandoned FIFA 07 project already did kits for 2006-07 teams