DrDoooMuk Adboards for Fifa 12


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Denmark SuperLiga :

.rx3 File :



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adboard_9_0 to adboard_9_3 are for the Italian leagues. This applies for any other country set as far as i can work out( example France is adboard_7_0 to adboard_7_3. My game only seems to read the first adboard in a sequence, the other 3 are never seen. As adboard_9_0 is shown in serie A + B, Can we use DBM manger to assign adboard_9_1 to all the serie b teams? Is this possible? Cheers mate.


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so i just download ur adboards from mediafire and put them in Adboard folder
and thats it?

no need to import with text editor and etc?


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@kaicooper :

Install :
Download the file you want or all files on first post from Mediafire.

Copy the file(s) you downloaded : adboard_x_x.rx3 to \FIFA 12\Game\data\sceneassets\adboard

If this folder does not exist in your Fifa 12 installation, then create it.
Make sure the .rx3 file is inside the adboard folder.

Download Iard 68's amazing FIFA 12 regenerator : http://italia.soccergaming.com/index...mid=61&lang=it

Open it, right click anywhere on the generator screen, choose the option " Set Main Game Folder "

and choose your " FIFA 12 " installation folder

It should say Fifa 12 found " Ready to Work! "

Just choose the option " Take care of files stored directly in folders " then hit "GO"


That's it mate. No need to mess around in texture manager.


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no man..
i know this lol...

cus first u didnt make rx3 and upload for download
all u did was we should download and make everything with text editor

but finnaly u helped us with ur Mediafire downloads and they r all ready
to copy and paste in Adboard...thanx mate..really appreciat this