DrDoooMuk's '14 Adboards


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Here are full League adboard Packs for Fifa 14 Full game.

You need to have Scouser09's awesome Revolution Mod for FIFA 14 installed or the moddingway mod for Fifa14 for these to work.

I have named all the files correctly, so all you need to do is put the .rx3 files into this folder :


that's it !


English Premier League 2013/2014 :


French Ligue 1 2013/2014 :


SERIE A COMPLETE 2013/2014 :


Spain La Liga BBVA 2013/2014 Complete :


Eredivisie 2013/2014 Season :


PSG 2013/2014 for Fifa 2014 Demo :

.rx3 File Download :



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we assign only 1 adboard for all teams or u can assign different adboards for other teams with file loader? cause both same name


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Hi mate. At the moment, i'm guessing only 1 Team, that's why the boards have the same name. Until we have a working Revolution Mod for 14, then we will only be able to replace the default EA adboards, although this is a guess as I haven't really had much of a chance to look into it.

Jenkey1002 or Scouser09 would have far more of an idea about this than I would.


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Hey, great work, looking very nice as usual!

Right, only one Adboard work so far, team-assignment isn't possible and the generic country-ids doesn't work anymore too, seems ea have changed them. :(

But if someone detect this country-ids, it can be possible to add a adboard per country.


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I will make Barca and Boca for the demo tomorrow as I'm drunk at the moment .... Any idea what to make next? I've already done this season's Premier League. Maybe you can tell me what you want league wise and I will attempt to make them..... I don't mind... Most votes for a league that's in Fifa 14 wins.... I genuinely cannot decide what to do next...... K - league maybe.....? Thanks.....


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Man I appreciate your work but I preffer to use 1 adboard/league instead of 1 adboard/team. Could you make a pack like that for FIFA 14?