DrDoooMuk's '14 Adboards


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BlackS0ull;3559505 said:
can anyone guide me how to install these beautiful adboards into the game. I've did something wrong with that Revolution MOD :(

They are not visible in the game :(


1. Install revolution mod http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187474
2. copy all files from revolution mod manual Install folder to FIFA 14\Game\data\fifarna\lua\assets\
3. create folder FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets\adboard
4. put this adboard files (specificadboard_xx_0_0_0.rx3) to folder FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets\adboard


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Thanks goldfinger.

Right I have just Finished updating the Entire of SERIE A complete......All sponsors / kit manufacturers have been updated where necessary. I have also reworked some old one's and cleaned some up....and made a shed load of new ones ! ! !

Here they are.....

I will upload the Full SERIE A rx3 files complete later.

Atalanta B.C. 2013/2014 :



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I've started to update La Liga for this season, Probably won't be able to finish them and do the .rx3 files till the weekend

UD Almeria 2013/2014 :