E0001 Error


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hi friends...recently i reformatted my pc and now fifa 14 does not work for me...its goving eooo1 error..could anyone tell me what is the solution to this problem?...unchecking vsync or setting fifaconfig.cfg to read-only does not work for me...please tell me other solutions...thank you...:)


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Have no idea what that error message means and I doubt anyone else will. I reformatted my PC two weeks ago. Before reformatting, I copied and saved both FIFA 14 folders (main and docs folders). After downloading the game again from Origin, I then swapped out the new downloaded files and pasted in my older saved files. Game worked perfectly after that. I suggest you do that; the game has to work if you download from Origin.


that is a video card issue, it means your card does not support anything above shader 3.0.

make sure the video card is the main card and that the on board card is secondary.