EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

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Originally posted by stephensonmc
no help guys? OR has there been no confirmation?
I don't think there have been a confirmation about this, but it's coming out in Australia so it migth come out in US too.

That all I know about it :(


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i think its a bad video not better then fifa2004 and look when beckham kicks the ball it looks not like beckham or??????Its not his style to kick them naja scheiss auf ea


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I cant download it...Is it just me? Nothing pops up when i click on Download Mirror 1. Eh? Anyone have another dl location yet?


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googlebar !

if you are using google toolbar, then just hold the crtl key for a few seconds while clicking on the mirror link..
or see if you're using a pop-up blocker and disable it for a few moments until you're done with the pop-up page..

otherwise, I'm sorry !!
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