eddyedwards10 boot thread


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DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l8t1yipn6rjh55r/Boots_AIO_pack_2.rar/file

Thanks to Pao for his models and all other bootmakers for inspiration. Enjoy :) also eninho and Jon shadow for the wings
I downloaded this boot package when it launched, formatted my computer and lost :( could someone please reupload?


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Eddy don't mean to nag but for some reason many links have died, even from only a couple months back like the Spider Man.
Could you (or someone else) please reupload the dead link files? Thanks.



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Right chaps below is link for a few boots AIO. As usual big thanks to Pao fo his models, textures etc, Mr Bear for his awesome Euphoria Superfly which gave me guidance for the vapors, and PES boot creators whos textures ive adapted and used parts of as guidance again.
Hope you enjoy :)


Can someone please reupload?