Editing, new file formats.. encoding, exporting, importing - post your resources here

Hrvoje Bajlo

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So.. we've got replacement for fsh fileformat and as i can see, impbig and biggui are not working with .big files.

only eagraph 104 version is working and with extra hexadecimal editing you can export files, which, seems to me are uncompressed!?!?

so far, i've exported some files and investigating them.. will try importing back to .big, but we will need new rebuilder for .bh files too..

alot of work is ahead of us if we want to edit this game in the same way we did in past years..

feel free to post your experience's here

just to let you all know that Ariel and myself are in the middle of investigating new fileformat .rx3 which we believe is modified .fsh So far, we've managed to export any file from .big, but they all remain UNCOMPRESSED, so there has to be a way to find algorithm to decompress .rx3... I'm sure Ariel will crack it very soon :D