Editing tools


Senior Squad
where can i find these ; BigGui, CC 06, FshEd, EAGraph, UniDB, FatbBH-builder
I managed to find some of these tools:
FSHed: https://download782.mediafire.com/zcs8ne21mjag/lqhdwl7oj20s7aj/FshEd+
BigGUI: https://forums.nba-live.com/downloads.php?sid=9c8b54307c4418ec4f71e8ea9d0d1d23
EAgraph: http://www.fifaserwis.com/get_file.php?id=1235

There's also UniDB, but that's more for later FIFAs: lfp-manager.fr/patchs/outils/Conversion-kits-png2fsh.zip

I still haven't managed to find FCDB v2 to edit the database, anyone got working links?