Editors remaining with FIFA '07?


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There is a lot of talk about the similarity between '07 and '08 plus the negatives of '08 such as the heavily limited fat file system, the odd kit template, and the lack of a creation master (at least for now if not for good). Quite a few people are stating that they will be staying with the '07 game and aren't considering moving until possibly '09.

I was curious to see if we could get a list of editors who are planning to stay. It may help in terms of coordinating on further projects if we know for sure who is still hangin' around here.

Sign below if you are an editor staying with FIFA '07. It may also be helpful to relist what you edit.

~Liio - National Teams


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I'm staying with Fifa07 and I'm currently still working on a huge project that depending on my free time will or won't be released, I most certainly will make an update for the winter transfers in january also.

I just got my copy of Fifa08 today and didn't install it yet, I'll probably take a quick look but the fifa.fat limitation will make it impossible to add many new teams and stadiums so there's no point at starting Fifa08 editing for me (yet).

In my leisure time I'm still playing my Fifa06 career lol.


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I am not properly a editor but I will staying too.

I will continue making my chant packs and i will try to convert lots of minikits from FM into fifa.

I have also discovered that it is possible to convert kits from fifa08 into 07 and they didn´t look very bad. You just have to resize,rotate etc the parts from a fifa08 kit into and put them into the right place in fifa07 template.

here is a screen of quick convert i have made. There are many mistakes in the shorts and sleeves but this is because i have to rotate some parts, mirror the logos etc.


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Jomi;2411636 said:
Hi guys

I will stay too ...I've already something interesting to propose you...
look here


My time is a bit limited at the moment. What editing time I do have I've been spending working on my History of the World Cup Patch. I am just about ready to release the 1930 patch with more accurate kits than the classic patch had as well as accurate formations and (if I get permission) the Centenario stadium as well.


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Im staying as well. I mainly did the CMP patches. I probably will also be making minifaces.


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Well, since I am very bashful of the CG FIFA 08 version, and since I see no reason to pay another $40 for an updated version of 07, I will be staying here too :D

I hope that you guys know I am a kitmaker...I hate the 08 template, find it horrible, and I see no point to moving to 08. My FIFA 07 is already fantastic (just need NK's full WE2008 gameplay patch to complete it) so why would I buy another game just to edit it from scratch.

So rest assured, there will be at least 1 kitmaker that will continue making kits for 07!

P.S. If you'd like a kit for 07 that hasn't been done before, fell free to look at my thread and post a request...remember to post pics though!! Also post a comment, since I'm looking to improve with every kit I make! :D


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I'm sure it's been mentioned before but we should probably ask some of the makers of the CMP patches if we can bundle their work... we can see who is interested in it, take those leagues and other files, edit them for continuity purposes (make sure the attributes are all believable in a relative sense and release a megapatch that way.

Would take some work but I think it would be worth it.


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I'm staying as well, although I am crap at editing graphics, guys, if I could I would edit the nets but I havent got a clue and when I have tried it has been a disaster. I'll give moral support. lol.


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I'm staying as well guys I have done to much changes in my Fifa 07.
Nevertheless I have Fifa 08, but I only use it to bring things in my Fifa 07
, such as minikits and balls:)
And TIZMA thanks you for all your great CMP patches.


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One thing I would like to propose is a complete list of projects... in particular if new leagues or teams are being made we can kind of keep track of how they are going.

If we are going to survive with decreased numbers it will be more difficult to get the support required to complete certain projects and knowing who is working on what might help out a little bit.

I've got a beta version of my 1930's world cup patch available with much more accurate kits, stadiums (pending approval from their converter), and formations than the classic patch.

I'm going to begin research on the 1934 patch as well.

I'm always updating the old national teams and hope to rerelease them before too long. most teams have new kits made and I'm still hoping to get real minikits made for all of them.


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Well I'm not strictly an editor either, but I have no intention of buying FIFA 08 until the price drops considerably (or someone buys it as a Christmas present for either my son or myself) and will continue to work on both EAFFAnalyser and a new program that I've just started that will enable the PC_CL.BIN roster updates to be rolled into FIFA.DB without damaging existing tournaments or careers (or indeed any other changes to the database that aren't overwritten by the four tables stored in the update file)


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i am not an editor really but do make some modifications to fifa.... i just dont want to spend $40 and start fixing a partly gui upgraded fifa 07...
i make faces and i am updated with current lfp-bpl rosters but never post the stuff so tht others can download.... and jomi, thx for coming up with the idea of updating db's....