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Well here's my problem or question
I know the likes of Ronaldinho and C.Ronaldo are able to do the elastico or flip-flap or whatever.

But if I wan't to add it to say Torres who's done it in real life how can I do that?
Is it even possible?

Thx for your time


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But surely you can do something about it can't you?
Because you cane edit pretty much everthing else I'd say

But your probably right :(


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there is a way, but its complicated, for example if you want to give it to 1 player, another player cant have it, so u get your 2 players, and swap the attributes, so the plyaer with the elastico is now the player without the elastico, then update the teams rosters


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JuventusForever said:
it's not that useful anyways.. rarely works the way it should in real life...Konami wanted to add flair but nothing came out of it.
I agree... Elastico is very poor. I can do it (wow) but only one time it was useful! For this feture, thumbs down , Konami! :kader:


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i use it to get rid of sidebacks when i want to put in crosses or advance into the penalty area... it's not fool-proof and pretty hard, it fails like 2 out of 3 for me, but still a kool move to use that guarantees taunting-rights if you do it to a human opponent


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you have to KNOW when to do it man. Its all about timing. U cant just run up the pitch and expect to do an elastico than run by a player. It works more when you are STILL with the ball not sprinting.

Some people say Stepovers are useless. Do you know how many times I do stepovers effectivley to beat players both ONLINE and against the CPU... Really its all about timing and knowing when to do tricks. Of course they do fail from time to time just like real life.


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Yeah, agree with Bummy_JaB. The Marseille Roulette too is useful, I've gone past the oppositions both online and offline. And even at tournaments. the stepover too. And flicking the ball in the using the analog stick. Also the dragback on PES5. The ability to make something out of some move in WE/PES separates casual players from veterans.


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Hey guys, I just got the game from my friend (he loves FIFA and hated WE9 so he just sent it to me) but I don't have the manuel and I was hoping you can tell me how to do the elastico.



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PES is not that good of a game. elastico is useful sometimes.. but even when it works it doesn't look the way it should. stepovers are god ugly in the game but they are easy and useful just like the roulette... fifa tricks are nicer and flow better with the game. in pes the stepovers are just for going faster forward rather then escaping to the side. the dragback trick is the best looking trick and probably the most useful (in specific situations..)