Enquiring About Interest In A National Team Mod

Would you be interested in a mod that allowed qualifying for a simple World tournament?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes, and I can contribute data and graphics

  • I just don't care enough about the qualifying stages

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Youth Team
To be clear, I can't build this, this is not what I'm offering. But I'm trying to gauge interest.

Given that we now know that the official World Cup DLC has not got the great qualifying mode that so many of us loved in the standalone Cup games, I'm trying to see if there is enough interest from people who can provide art and data for national teams. If so, there is a possibility that we could have the game structure modified so that you could run through the qualifying that is present in Career mode when you take a job as a national team manager.

So, I guess, reply here if you can provide a team or chunks of teams from different confederations


Club Supporter
I'm waiting for sutch Mod already since the beginning of every Fifa hahaha. EA with their crap FUT don't giving a damn about career mode since it doesn't earn them money... Moddingway announced a long time ago that they were working on a Croatia mod but it takes forever... Probably going to be done when i don't give a damn about Fifa18 anymore and already am playing Fifa19... Than that mod is useless for me lol.


Club Supporter
I would like there to be a modification made with CG File Explorer (No Frosty), from national teams. Something like a "Patch of all national teams." That has a lot of selections. I remember that in PES they did it.


Youth Team
Just wanted to be sure everyone knew, because there was a recent 'like' here, that this wasn't going to happen. I couldn't generate enough interest for the person who I knew that could do this to want to take the time to do it.

In fact, a mod can just close this.